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Ian Tabolt

Hello! I'm a software engieer at Metropolis where I work on our consumer backend team - I build the APIs that our mobile web app uses, and any APIs needed by external apps to integrate with Metropolis. (Metropolis is building a platform to power the future uses of parking real estate and we're hiring!)

I am also a stubborn bike commutor/advocate, an okay marathon runner, Yankees & Ravens fan, and father of two kids and two dogs.

  1. Phantom Type Safe Map

    In this post I’ll take a look at the type-safe map pattern, and how it is used in real world open source libraries. Then I’ll dive into how we can add phantom types to actually track at compile time which values are present in the map. …

  2. A Quick Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m not completely sure what I will use the blog for, but I figure any time I solve some problem that other people may also run in to, I should probably post about it. …