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Ian Tabolt

I'm Ian, a software engieer at Foursquare where I work on developer systems - ie software tools to make other developers' lives easier.

I am a Scala enthusiast, cyclist, Yankees & Ravens fan, husband, and 2x doggie dad.

A Quick Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m not completely sure what I will use the blog for, but I figure any time I solve some problem that other people may also run in to, I should probably post about it.

About the blog

After exploring a few different options for how to set up the blog, including WordPress and Tumblr, I settled on jekyll. According to them, “Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator perfect for personal, project, or organization sites”, which sounds exactly like what I need.

Some highlights of Jekyll that made me go with it are:

  • Pages are statically generated, so they can be placed anywhere on an existing site, without using any external services, frameworks, subdomains, etc.
  • Pages are created in Markdown! And with jekyll serve, changes in the markdown files are monitored and automatically refreshed.
  • Awesome support for syntax highlighting.

So I can type things like this[1]:

object Main extends App {
  def greeting(name: String) = s"Hello $name!"

And it comes out like this:

object Main extends App {
  def greeting(name: String) = s"Hello $name!"

Even Scala REPL highlighting looks ok (although it could use some work):

scala> def greeting(name: String) = s"Hello $name!"
greeting: (name: String)String

scala> println(greeting("Jekyll"))
Hello Jekyll!

You can see the source for this post and the entire Jekyll project on GitHub here

[1] GitHub flavored markdown triple-backtick sytntax supported by using `markdown: redcarpet` in `_config.yml`.