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Ian Tabolt

Hello! I'm a software engieer at Metropolis where I work on our consumer backend team - I build the APIs that our mobile web app uses, and any APIs needed by external apps to integrate with Metropolis. (Metropolis is building a platform to power the future uses of parking real estate and we're hiring!)

I am also a stubborn bike commutor/advocate, an okay marathon runner, Yankees & Ravens fan, and father of two kids and two dogs.


Senior Backend Engineer with a decade of experience designing, building, shipping, and maintaining a variety of distributed systems on the JVM (particularly in Scala).



Jul 2021 - Present | New York, NY

  • Tech stack: Scala (Cats/Play/Slick), MySQL, AWS
  • Leading development of consumer backend powering intuitive parking experience
  • Working closely with frontend engineers, product designers, and product managers to understand and scope complex backend requirements
  • Designed and delivered major features like vehicle sharing between members, flexible parking validations, and customer corrections for missed camera events
  • Onboarded and mentored a number of new hires by giving system architecture deep dives, one-on-one Scala help, and keeping technical docs up to date


Apr 2017 - Jul 2021 | New York, NY

  • Tech stack: Scala (Finagle/Thrift/Pants), Hadoop (Scalding), Spark, MongoDB (Atlas), AWS
  • Built Foursquare’s next-gen public developer API, offering services like place search, search autocomplete, and place details. Focus on clean API design, low latency, and high request throughput.
  • Improved Scala infrastructure and tooling for the entire engineering org
  • Worked on migration from on-prem to cloud services, especially MongoDB
  • Worked on the Place Data Pipeline, a Hadoop/Spark system to ingest, deduplicate, and clean data representing 90 million places from first- and third-party sources

 MLB Advanced Media

Jul 2016 - Apr 2017 | New York, NY

  • Tech stack: Java, Scala, Spring, Couchbase, Akka
  • Worked on the sports data API (Java 8/Spring/Couchbase), adapting Major League Baseball’s systems to NHL, MLS, and other leagues
  • Built a responsive ETL job scheduling framework with Scala and Akka (Streams/Actors/HTTP)

 Aol /

May 2015 - July 2016 | Baltimore, MD

  • Tech stack: Scala, C#
  • Developed extremely high throughput ad-serving platform
  • Migrated core legacy .NET system to Scala

 WordAi / Article Forge

June 2013 - May 2015 | Baltimore, MD

  • Tech stack: Scala, PHP, Java, CoreNLP, SimpleNLG, word2vec
  • First engineer hire at startup applying Natural Language Processing to SEO in novel ways
  • Built greenfield project to generate web filler content from search keywords

Side Work

 Rowgatta (contractor)

Nov 2017 - Jun 2018 | Brooklyn, NY

  • Tech stack: Lightbend Lagom (Scala, Akka, Play Framework, Cassandra, Kafka).
  • Worked with founders, designers, and app developers to deliver backend API requirements for a distributed remote workout class system


 University of Delaware

Aug 2009 - May 2013 | Newark, DE
BS, Computer Science
Concentration: Artificial Intelligence